Name Clusters and Namesakes

Given names patterns can lead researchers both backward and forward. Check all grandchildren and grandparents for naming clues and possibly great-grandchildren and great-grandparents. Name clusters offer heritage traces, just as namesakes do. If you are lucky, the family always includes a Harmon or Rebecca in their given name or middle name selections. I have one with multiples of Annis, Harvey, Jonathan, Julia, Lavinia, Leander, and Mariamna with a Stanton or two thrown in for good luck.

Edward King and Elizabeth (Nichols) King had ten children; William King, Thomas King, John King, Isaac King, James King, Samuel King, Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore, David King and Margaret and Sarah King. The last two died young, Margaret aka Peggie and Sarah aka Sallie, without marrying and without children.

Edward and Elizabeth had sixty-six known grandchildren; nine from their son William, eight from Thomas, ten from John, seven from Isaac, seven from James, two from Samuel, nine from Elizabeth and fourteen from David. There may have been more, perhaps infants or children that died young. This is an alphabetical list of the grandchildren by their first name with their King parent to the right. Maiden names are in paranthesis ( ) followed by married surnames.

Adam Edward Dinsmore Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Amanda King James King
Amelia Cornelia (King) Dinsmore David King
Ann King John King
Benjamin Harvey King William  King
Caroline Clarissa (King) Pemberton David King
Cassander (King) Epperson Isaac King
David Orestes King David King
Edward King John King
Eliza Nichols (King) May Johnson James King
Elizabeth (King) Hickman Isaac King
Elizabeth (King) Hunter Thomas King
Elizabeth (King) McConnell William  King
Elizabeth (King) White John King
Elizabeth Nichols (King) King David King
Ellen (King) Berry Thomas King
Elliner Louise (King) Hillen David King
Emaline M. (King) Easley May James King
Hannah (King) Johnson Samuel King
Harriet (King) McConkey David King
Isaac Newton King William  King
Isaac White King John King
Isabella Adeline (King) Comer Hudson James King
James Dinsmore Sr. Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
James Harvey King Thomas King
James Preston King James King
Jane Lavinia (King) King John King
John King John King
John Sharp King David King
John Wesley King Isaac King
Jonathan King Isaac King
Jonathan King David King
Julia Annis (King) Gregg Thomas King
Julia Mariamna (King) McCord David King
Lavina King Thomas King
Lavinia (Dinsmore) Davis Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Lavinia (King) Laughlin William  King
Leander Dinsmore Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Leander Montgomery King David King
LouAllen King Thomas King
Margaret (King) Berry William  King
Margaret Dinsmore Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Margaret Laughlin (King) Laughlin David King
Mary (King) Dyer Thomas King
Mary Anney (King) May James King
Mary Elizabeth (Dinsmore) McAlpin Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Mary Jane (King) Vance William  King
Mary King John King
Matilda Malissa King David King
Matilda( King) Walker Isaac King
Priscilla G. (King) Hodge John King
Rachel (Dinsmore) Pearce Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Samuel Dinsmore Jr. Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Samuel T. King Samuel King
Sarah (Dinsmore) King Elizabeth Nichols (King) Dinsmore
Sarah (King) Pemberton William  King
Sarah (King) Shelby Isaac King
Sarah King John King
Sarah Sharp (King) Rodgers James King
Sarah Susannah Sharp King David King
Sidney King David King
Susan (King) Allison William  King
William E. King John King
William Isaac King Thomas King
William King Isaac King
William King Jr. William  King

This next wordle shows the distribution of first names for the three hundred seventy (370) great-grandchildren of Edward and Elizabeth (Nichols) King. Nine great-grandchildren were the result of three different cousin marriages, so they are only counted once.

Samuel King's family was very small, two children, Hannah and Samuel T. Samuel T., the son, might be Samuel Torbett King, but I have no evidence other than the name Torbett P. King, son of Joseph Marshall King, grandson of Samuel T. King, great-grandson of Samuel King and his wife Susan (Torbett) King. At the same time, Samuel T. King's youngest child was Anna Thomas King, called Tommie, which could lead one to consider Samuel King named his son, Samuel Thomas King after his brother Thomas, and thus Anna Thomas King was named for her father and great-uncle. I am on the lookout for Samuel T. King's middle name and have two good suspects, Torbett after his mother's family and or Thomas after his paternal uncle. I think it's probable Samuel King and Susan (Torbett) King had more than two children, but doubt they survived childhood. Elisha Sterling Price King's manuscript from notes by Ellen (King) Berry, has been fairly accurate and it lists two children.


An alphabetical list of three hundred seventy (370) known great-grandchildren of Edward and Elizabeth (Nichols) King follows: 

Adolphus Boville King
Albert Berns King
Albert Lafayette Rodgers
Alexander Findley Laughlin
Alexander Hardin McAlpin
Alfred D. Pemberton
Alfred Dickson King
Alfred P. May
Alfred Pearce *
Alfred Shelby
Allen Lewis King
Amanda (Laughlin) Creamer
Amanda A. (May) King
Amanda Elizabeth King
Amanda Ellen (King) Fansler
Amanda Gregg
Amanda M. King
Ambrose W. Hodge
Anderson Hodge
Andrew Craig King
Andrew Vance
Ann White
Anna M. (Shelby) Turner
Anna Thomas King
Armina Berry (King) Garrett
Arthur Tappen Laughlin
Asgil Mercer King
Augustus King
Benjamin D. King
Benjamin Franklin King
Calvin Vance
Caroline Elizabeth (King) Painter
Cassander (Epperson) Hodges
Charles Summer Laughlin
Clarissia King
Columbus J. Pemberton
Cynthia Jane (Rodgers) Moffett
Cyrus L. King
David Dyer
David H. Dinsmore
David H. King
David Jackson McAlpin
David King
David King McConkey
David King*
David Orestes Laughlin
David Orestes McCord
David Stanton Pemberton
Delance Mandivelle Shelby
Edmond Livingston Hodge
Edna Mariamna (King) Willet
Ednah Angeline (Pemberton) Hackett
Edward J. King
Edward King White
Edward King*
Edward Rutledge King
Edward Washington King
Edwin J. C. King
Edwin King
Edwin Wallace Laughlin
Elbert D. Pearce
Eleanor Amanda (King) Cox Cox
Eliza Ann Laughlin
Eliza D. (King) Pemberton
Eliza Dinsmore
Eliza Elleanor (Gregg) Siceloff
Eliza Emaline (King) Thaddox Field
Eliza Hudson
Eliza Isabel (May) Clark
Eliza Jane (King) Stone
Eliza Jane (May) Cox
Eliza Jane (Pearce) Miller
Eliza Maria Rodgers
Elizabeth (Hodge) Hall
Elizabeth (King) Boring
Elizabeth (King) Hand
Elizabeth (King) Manion
Elizabeth (King) Taylor
Elizabeth (Shelby) Turner
Elizabeth Amanda Rodgers
Elizabeth Ann (Epperson) Phipps
Elizabeth C. Dinsmore *
Elizabeth C. Pearce *
Elizabeth Elinor Laughlin
Elizabeth Ellen (King) Sullivan
Elizabeth J. (McAlpin) Dickey
Elizabeth King (McCord) Alexander
Elizabeth S. (Vance) Morrell
Elizabeth Sharp (King) Nutty
Elizabeth Susan May
Elizabeth White
Elizanna (Pemberton) Burson
Elkhana Delaney McConkey
Ella Matilda King
Emaline Margaret King *
Embassy F. King
Emily Clarissa (Pemberton) Ross
Evaline M. (King) Hickok
Eveline (Laughlin) Black
Frances Jane (King) Epperson
Frances L. (Dinsmore) Pearce
Francis M. Johnson
George J. McAlpin
George W. King
George Washington McConkey
George Washington Shelby
Granville C. Shelby
Granville Millington King
Hannah Pearl (May) Price
Hannah Pemberton
Harvey Adolphus Gregg
Harvey Guilford Pemberton
Harvey Hunter
Harvey Jefferson Rodgers
Harvey Johnson
Harvey Milton McConkey
Harvey Price Laughlin
Henry A. Pemberton
Hester Ann (King) Hightower
Hester Ann Dinsmore *
Hiley McAlpin *
Indiana (King) McPherson
Isaac Benjamin King
Isaac Epperson
Isaac King
Isaac L. Shelby
Isaac Vance
Isaac White
Isabel S. (May) Perry
Isabella S. (May) Swaggerty
James Addison King
James Allen Berry
James Allen Dyer
James Anderson King
James Berry Rodgers
James Calvin Pearce
James Ervin King
James Gregg King
James Harrison King
James Harvey King
James Harvey Laughlin
James Harvey Vance
James Hudson
James M. King
James Madison Gregg
James Madison Johnson
James Philip May
James Vincent King
James Vinson Easley
Jane (Gregg) Adams
Jasper L. May
Jefferson Lafayette King
Jennettie C. (Johnson) Logan
Jesse Marion King
John A. King
John A. King
John Albert Laughlin
John Dyer
John Fletcher King
John Gregg Jr.
John H. Berry
John H. Dinsmore *
John Harvey Easley
John Harvey King
John Harvey McAlpin
John King Pemberton
John Matthew Lauglhin
John Montgomery King
John P. King
John Rutledge King
John Sharp King
John Vance Jr.
John Wesley King
John White
Jonathan C. Pemberton
Jonathan Clayborne Laughlin
Jonathan Edward King
Jonathan Edward Vance
Jonathan F. King
Jonathan Jackson Pemberton
Jonathan King
Jonathan Montgomery McConkey
Jonathan Preston Hodge
Jonathan Staunton King
Jones Vincent Rodgers
Joseph Addison Laughlin
Joseph Marshall King
Julia Annis King *
Julia Elizabeth (King) Ingle
Julia Emily Dinsmore
Julia King*
Julia Mariamna (King) Doak
Julia Telma (King) King
Julie Emily (Pearce) Blevins
Juliet Sophia (King) Berry
Leahdora Josephine (King) Long
Leander Beecher Laughlin
Leander Elbert King
Leander Lafayette King
Leander Melinton Epperson
Leander Munsell Pemberton
Leander Pearce
Leander Vance
Leander Vanness McConkey
Leonidas Hamilton McConkey
Levina Elizabeth King*
Louisa Berry (King) King Blakely
Lucinda (Rodgers) Tatum
Mahala Emily (Pearce) Collins
Malissa Jane (King) McKamey
Malissa Mariamna McCord
Margaret (McAlpin) Haun
Margaret Clarrissia (King) Dinsmore
Margaret E. (Dinsmore) Sizemore
Margaret E. King
Margaret L. (Vance) Meridith
Margaret Laviney (Pearce) Stephens
Margaret Louisa (King) Collins
Martha A. King
Martha Ann (King) Taylor
Martha Ellen McCord
Martha Hudson
Mary (Dinsmore) Moore
Mary (Laughlin) Morrison
Mary (White) Hodge
Mary A. (May) Huffman Rose
Mary Amanda (Dyer) Hodges
Mary Crouch King *
Mary E. (Rodgers) Yancy
Mary Edna King
Mary Elizabeth (Dinsmore) George
Mary Elizabeth (King) McChesney
Mary Isabel (King) Jones McKinney
Mary Isabel (King) McCarley?
Mary Jane (Hodge) Scott
Mary Jane King 
Mary King
Mary King*
Mary Samanthie C. (Dinsmore) Rankin
Matilda Caroline (King) Willoughby
Melvina (Laughlin) Vanness
Meredith May
Michael Glenn King
Nancy A. Ellinor (King) Garrett
Nancy Adaline (King) Rankin
Nancy D. (King) Gray
Nancy E. (Dinsmore) Johnson
Nancy Ellen Malissa (King) Gill
Nancy Julia Ann (Berry) Sames
Nancy May
Nancy Tennie May
Nathan Allen Gregg
Nathaniel Berry
Newton C. Johnson
Newton Jasper King
Newton Jasper King
Nora Eulalie (King) Hawley
Oliver Caswell King
Olivia (King) Byers
Pemberton Lee King
Permelia Adaline (King) Warren
Peyton R. Johnson
Priscilla A. King
Priscilla G. (King) Hodges
Rachel Berry King
Rachel Gregg
Rachel Gregg (King) Agee
Rebecca Jane (Dinsmore) Willis
Rebecca Louisa Barsheba (King) Donaldson
Rebecca May (King) Hightower
Robert Anderson Dyer
Rosannah Malissa (McConnell) McChesney Lowry
Roseanna Ellison (McConkey) Black
Salina Emmeline (Johnson) Collier
Sallie M. King
Samuel D. King
Samuel D. McAlpin *
Samuel D. Pearce *
Samuel Dyer
Samuel E. Berry
Samuel Gordon King
Samuel Gregg
Samuel Henderson King
Samuel Hodge
Samuel K. Dinsmore
Samuel Miller Dinsmore
Samuel Vance
Sarah (King) Fagon
Sarah Angeline (Pemberton) Fisher Dickey Bascom
Sarah Ann (King) Snoddy
Sarah Ann King*
Sarah Caroline (King) Cook
Sarah Clarrisa (King) Latham
Sarah Elizabeth (Dyer) Emmert
Sarah Isabell (Rodgers) Rudd
Sarah Jane (King) Hodges
Sarah Jane (King) McDaniel
Sarah Jane (King) Watkins
Sarah King (Pearce) Jack
Sarah L. (Dinsmore) Dinsmore
Sarah Loucinda (Johnson) Simpson
Sarah M. (Dinsmore) King
Sarah McAlpin Majors
Sarah Sharp (Pemberton) Middleton
Sarah White
Sidney A. King
Sidney Berry McCord
Sidney Edward McConkey
Sophia (Hunter) Marshall
Sophia L. King
Stephen J. May
Susan (Allison) Logan
Susan B. King
Susan Berry
Susan Berry McCord
Susan E. King
Susan Lavinia (Berry) Crumley
Susan Sharp (Dyer) King
Susan Sharp (King) Dyer
Susannah (Hunter) Ribble Cross
Susannah A. (Pemberton) Combs Hackett
Susannah A. King (McConnell) Marcum
Susannah Elizabeth Laughlin
Susannah L. (King) Sullivan Hodges
Susannah Louisa (King) Manion
Susannah S. (King) Parker
Thomas Alexander Laughlin
Thomas Cawell Laughlin
Thomas Davis Dinsmore
Thomas Hunter
Thomas Jefferson King
Thomas Jefferson King
Thomas King
Thomas King May
Thomas Leander Berry
Thomas Leander Dyer
Thomas W. White
Tilghman Howard McCord
Viola Sharp (King) Thomas
Virginia (Laughlin) Brodie
William Adolphus Dyer
William Andrew Berry
William Clayborne Pemberton
William D. Epperson
William David King
William Dixon Pearce
William E. King Jr.
William Harvey King
William Hunter
William Irving King
William Jackson Pemberton
William James White
William K. Dinsmore
William King Berry
William King Gregg
William King Laughlin
William King Laughlin Jr.
William King McConnell
William King Rodgers
William King Vance
William L. Johnson
William Leander King
William M. Dinsmore
William McAlpin
William N. May
William Nelson King
William Nichols King
William O. King
William Shelby King
William Thomas King

A wordle including first, middle and last names, predominated of course by the surname King:image.horizon.364kings

Three hundred seventy great-grandchildren have been identified descending from forty-eight grandchildren. The names are a bit harder to quantify. Ellen, Eleanor, Elinor, Elleanor, all vie for position as first and middle names apparently from their namesake, Thomas King's daughter Ellen. The same issues arise with the names Emily, Emmeline, Emma, and Emeline. Matilda (King) Walker, either the wife of Elijah Walker or George Hilton Walker (or possibly both of them), certainly had children, but it is unclear which children were hers and which were descended from other wives. Matilda was one of Isaac King's daughters, and her line is not yet attributed. The same goes for the children and grandchildren of Margaret (King) Berry, the daughter of William King.


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