Samuel E. Hall and his wife Belvedora Hall had Daniel Fox draw some folk art in the front of their marital Bible in addition to filling out in a beautiful hand, the beginning of their Family Record. In 1880 the families were close neighbors in District 12, Washington Co., Tennessee.

I don't know what this is or what it stands for, but it was important enough to the family to have it done and it was important enough to Daniel Fox to draw it and label it, so there is some significance. He took such care to draw, date, and sign this artwork, I think he being a teacher, spelled Belvedora correctly. It has been spelled many different ways. Fox, a Maryland native, lived in Tennessee for more than 60 years by 1884. The calligraphy on the names and date is even handed. Fox also wrote the marriage of Samuel Hall and Belvedora (Maden) Hall, and the births of their first five children. There is a correction in different ink on the marriage date,

The publication date 1869 works with the 1875 marriage date and the 1884 date from Dan. Fox. The calligraphy on the names and date is even handed. Fox also wrote the marriage of Samuel Hall and Belvedora (Maden) Hall, though there is a correction in different ink on the date, and the births of the first five children.

The very first time I read this I got distracted by the Laura Dyer entry as one of my distant cousins, Mary King married Alexander Dyer, lived in the Holsten Valley in Tennessee and had ten children; William Adolphus, Thomas Leander, Susan Sharp, David, James Allen, John, Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Amanda, Robert Anderson, and Samuel. I had to check out the connection to be certain this Laura Dyer wasn't related.

Then I read this page and knew for certain that a cousin from Piney Flats married Cordelia E. Hall. So I stopped again to rummage through some information and found that Cordelia Eldridge Hall married Robert Edward Lee Dyer, son of John Alexander Simon Boliver Dyer and Mary (Allison) Dyer on Christmas 1907 in Washington Co., Tennessee.


At least three different writers compiled this page.

Though the pen and ink change frequently, I see only two different penmanship styles on this page.

The pen, the handwriting, the ink, and the word choice all point to several different keepers of the flame for this Bible Record, perhaps as many as five.

One interesting feature of this Bible Record is the information included about family members from elsewhere. Most Bible Records do not have a geographical aspect even if the family and the Bible moved. In addition to the Upper East Tennessee, Washington Co., area, this Bible records deaths of family members in the states of Georgia, Oregon and Washington and even Beryl Lamont Martin in the Canal Zone in 1942.

The other interesting feature is the artwork by Daniel Fox and the date of the work by his hand in 1884, proving beyond a doubt that he not only lived after the 1880 census, but also past the 1881 date listed on several linked genealogies without sources on the Internet.

The current holder of this Bible, a granddaughter of Verna Ada (Hall) Huff, Kim Livaditis has supplied the annotated transcription which follows:

Page 1  Miscellaneous

Samuel Ellis Hall was born July 24, 1852
Belvedora Hall was born August 21, 1854
Done by Daniel Fox November 15, 1884 in his 79th year.  [He was a schoolteacher that lived in the neighborhood.]
Births   [children of Samuel and Belvedora]
John Henry Hall was born February 26th 1876
Ruel Maden Hall was born January 9, 1878
Cordela Eldridge Hall was born October 25th 1879
Charles M. Hall was born November 8, 1881
William M. Hall was born November 12, 1883
Nannie Leona Hall was born April 1, 1886
Mary E. Hall born March 6, 1888
Patton Lemont Hall was born Jan. 26, 1890
Vernie [Verna, Vern] Ada Hall was born Feb. 18, 1892
Robert Oren Hall was born Dec. 7, 1894
Carl Allen Hall was born Dec. 26, 1896
Nellie Clare Hall was born May 17,1900
Samuel E. Hall ... son of Henry Hall
Belvedora Hall daughter of J. Maden was married Jan. 24th 1875
Ruel M. Hall and Laura Dyer was married Sunday, March 22, 1903
John H. Hall and Laura Hale was married Thursday May 7, 1903
Laura Hale Hall died May 10- 10 pm 36 [1936] age 58 1mo and 17 days
borned March 24, 1878
R. L. Dyer [Robert] and Cordelle Hall were united in marrieage Dec. 25th 1907.
R. L. Dyer died Sept. 15, 1923.
O.B.Huff [Oscar Blaine] and Verna Hall was married May 10, 1919. [My grandparents]
Patton Hall was killed by a tree on Dec. 26, 1919 age 29- 11 mo.
Lena Mae Hall [Patton's daughter] died Nov. 25 1920.
Beryl Lamont Martin died Sept. 7, 1941 at Canal Zone age 28 years.[son of Mary and William Martin]
S.E. Hall [Samuel] died March 27 1913
Mrs. S. E. Hall [Belvedora] died Jan. 18, 1935. Friday AM 5 oclock age 81 years
William Ketron Martin died Wed. nite 10 10 o'clock( age 57- 11mo) Sept. 1, 1943
Nannie L. [Leon] Gray died Sept. 15, 1947 10:40 a.m.
James D. Beard [Nellie's husband] died Aug. 6, 1958 at nine o'clock.
Will Hall died Feb. 8, 1960 Walla Walla Washington Hospital
Charles M. Hall 83 age died March 6, 1965 at his home in Ellensburg, Washington
J.P. Gray [James P. husband of Nannie Leona] died Dec. 29, was buried Jan. 1, 1967.
Cordela Hall Dyer Oct. 1969.
Verna Hall Huff Mar 6, 1977
Carl A. Hall May 26, 1978.
J.W. Huff Sr. [Jasper brother of Oscar Huff] Sept. 8, 1979
John Hall started to the state of Washington in March 1898.
Herbert P___ Hall was born Feb. 23,1904 Milton, Oregon Tues. 10 oclock 55 min
Died May 8, 1916 Walla Walla [Robert or Will's son]
Harold Hale Hall born May 11, 1912
Laura E. Hall died at Gordena? Farms? May 10 10pm Sunday 1936 age 58 yr 1 mo 17days
John H. Hall died at Brunswick, GA on June 4, 1941 age 65 death due to car wreck.
Ruel M. Hall died May 5th, 1952 age 74 yrs 5 mos


Ida Sherwood Bettis is my paternal grand mother. Aunt Clara is my great aunt. I can remember every nooks and crany of that house and yard...

Eric Bettis Eric Bettis 25. July, 2017 |

I would be happy to forward your name, connection, and email if you wish.

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