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A Good Friend Knows

I recently broke three bones including one in my wrist and was so aggravated by the idiocy of the whole situation, I couldn't believe it. A good friend went into her study and piled three large canvas grocery bags full of books and brought them over. She said she knew by pulling books from various shelves there would be bound to be some I hadn't read. She was right. There was a stack of nearly twenty books for me savor.

The Dorothy Sayers books surprised me, as I thought I had read most of them. I hadn't.

Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers

I found that wasn't true. There was also a Clive Cussler et al book in there I hadn't seen or read.

The Race by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

I don't recommend breaking bones. I am right handed and to have my wrist in a cast has been ridiculous. The piles and piles of books however, were definitely a treat. Plus, I read things I might not have chosen from the library shelves myself. It's good to broaden your scope every once in while, even if you didn't plan on it.

In three bags of books there were a lot of mysteries. Those I had read previously filled one bag. Another bag I filled with those I didn't really have an interest in reading, leaving the contents of an entire bag to be enjoyed while recuperating. The second bag was held in abeyance, just in case I ran out.

A good friend is one who knows one bag isn't possibly enough. She also understands that there are about five or six books that somehow didn't make it back into the return pile. They await their own bag. Thanks Jocie.

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