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Baby's First Birthdays


We recently were lucky enough to  attend a first birthday party, a baseball themed party for a little boy named Henry; for the adults were stashes of Oh Henry! and Baby Ruth candy bars, seemingly obvious choices, one for the child and one for the baseball theme. I suspected the Baby Ruth bars were included because his great grandmother's name was Ruth.

At the party was an adorable two week old baby Marshall. His two older brothers also had first names that began with the letter M, as did his father. His amazingly peaceful mother, with three boys under four, had a name that began with an A. I wanted to ask so badly about the boys' middle names. Did they begin with A? Were they family surnames?  Were the boys named after relatives, grandfather's or uncles? How did they choose them?

One of the guests was a lady named Usha. I now know three women named Usha. I wanted to question her on it's familiarity, is Usha comparable to Mary or Elizabeth or is it more like Charlotte or Pamela, or even further off the bandwidth like Rainbow or Sunshine?

Thirty years ago, we attended a first birthday party for an adored daughter named Karishma. It is possible there were more than fifty adults at that party, it was a family, friends, and community wide, celebration of life. I asked about her name and I vaguely remember it might mean miracle, similar to first names like Faith, Hope, and Grace.

Across the board the common theme was the increcible joy children bring, a nice reflection in tumultuous time.

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Ida Sherwood Bettis is my paternal grand mother. Aunt Clara is my great aunt. I can remember every nooks and crany of that house and yard...

Eric Bettis Eric Bettis 25. July, 2017 |

I would be happy to forward your name, connection, and email if you wish.

Barbara K. Henritze Barbara K. Henritze 06. November, 2016 |

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