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Humane Society of Boulder Valley

I have been lucky to know the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in a myriad of ways. Initially, I took my daughter there to play with the animals. We can't have cats in the house as I am allergic. When she wanted to see cats and kittens, it was off to the Humane Society to play with kittens, puppies, rabbits, or whatever cute animals they had.

Giving into my daughter's entreaties, we finally got a puppy and it was back to the Humane Society for puppy kindergarten and socialization, clickers, crates and toys.

When my sister's twelve year old, 130 pound, malamute passed away outside, it was thirty degrees about to snow, four o'clock in the afternoon, no one was home from work. The dog was too unwieldy and heavy for two of us to lift. We couldn't leave her outside to freeze, so crying, I called the Humane Society. They explained they don't do this kind of thing. Then they come over anyway, in the snow and help with her malamute.

The first night in a new house, two dogs got out, got lost and were hit by the train. My friend's grief is unimaginable and nearly unbearable. Again it's Humane Society personnel who help, by handling it and with incredible sensitivity, by making plaster casts of their paws for my friend.

Our nine year old lab lives the life of Riley, nice big fenced backyard, hours of fetch and dogs who come over to run for fun. For the first time and last timeever, he wanders out of the yard. We frantically search for him over a ten street area in one of the longest hours of my life. I call animal control and the Humane Society, and joy, someone just brought him in to the Humane Society. He is not wearing his regular collar with his name and phone number embedded royally in gold on purple, but a red and green special Christmas one. Unknown to us, all of his tags have broken or worn away so our number is visible nowhere on this beloved dog. Thank goodness he is chipped. New, soon-to-be friends, from two streets over bring him home from the Humane Society, where they had just taken him as we were calling. He wasn't even there long enough to get in the system. Thank you Naomi, your husband, Mateo and your brother.

Those are ways our Humane Society has touched us. In addition, here they run a used or recycled goods shop. Just think of the tireless work those societies in the Northeast performed during recent storms. Imagine the work necessary to keep animals calm during relocations during fires. Have you thanked your local humane society lately? Write a check.

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Ida Sherwood Bettis is my paternal grand mother. Aunt Clara is my great aunt. I can remember every nooks and crany of that house and yard...

Eric Bettis Eric Bettis 25. July, 2017 |

I would be happy to forward your name, connection, and email if you wish.

Barbara K. Henritze Barbara K. Henritze 06. November, 2016 |

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