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I Like Milk

I have always liked milk. Growing up in a family of six with five huge milk drinkers, I can't imagine how many gallons we went through in a week. When I went to college, I drank two glasses for breakfast, two for lunch and three glasses for dinner. The guys were always in the ice cream line, but I just loved the milk. Not chocolate milk, just plain old white milk, pasteurized, homogenized vitamin D milk. Senior year I lived off campus without a car, I couldn't keep milk cold while I walked back from the grocery, so I went without. It was awful and one of the things I missed most being off campus.

I like milk. I drank whole milk as a kid, switched to 2% in my teens, skim in my twenties, and organic in my thirties. In my forties I stopped buying milk with bovine growth hormones. I don’t know how strong the science behind that choice is. Both sides write a good story, but I am erring on the side of caution.

I like milk from glass containers. I can drink it from waxed cardboard cartons. I really prefer not to drink milk stored in plastic jugs. I can smell the plastic after it’s poured. I have not done a blind taste testing on this. I have milk delivered by Longmont Dairy once a week. I pay more for my milk than others who buy non organic gallon plastic jugs at the supermarket. It's worth it.

It has been such a treat to have organic skim milk from glass containers without bovine growth hormone delivered to my doorstep again this summer. Life is good. I only wish it were economic to have a two person supply of milk delivered from Longmont Dairy all year round.

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Ida Sherwood Bettis is my paternal grand mother. Aunt Clara is my great aunt. I can remember every nooks and crany of that house and yard...

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I would be happy to forward your name, connection, and email if you wish.

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